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What reusable products you can buy that are easy, eco-friendly swaps? We've come up with a selection for you

This #MeatFreeMonday we’re looking at a delicious, vegan take on meatloaf – a lentil loaf. This doesn’t have to remind you of dreaded Monday evenings in the boarding house, where a bland and stodgy meatloaf was waiting for dinner. A

Are you newly vegan? Have you been vegan for a long time, but you’re needing some new and exciting food inspiration? Are you wanting to give plant-based food a try? Are you wanting to reduce your animal product consumption? Luckily for

Happy World Bee Day for tomorrow! Here in South Africa, we have two indigenous types of bees: the African Honey Bee, and the Cape Honey Bee. Bee species worldwide are experiencing threats as they suffer from the misuse of pesticides, and

What a fast-paced world we live in! Keeping up with the latest social media, fashion and food trends is difficult enough, now you have to keep up with tech trends too?! Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a

This #MeatFreeMonday we’re travelling to Thailand to try their spiciest Thai curry – Thai Green Curry. Traditionally served with fish, we’re looking into a recipe that keeps all the flavour but is 100% vegan! If you’re looking to impress your family

Commonly thought to be a vegetable, cucumber is actually a fruit. Mild with a distinctly crisp and refreshing flavour, cucumbers are commonly enjoyed fresh or pickled in everything from salads to sandwiches. With just a bit of creativity, cucumbers can

A healthy, balanced diet is the ideal way to fuel your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels. With the coronavirus ongoing spread, more focus should be placed onto strengthening our immune system

While we all need to take time to adjust to living in our new normal, learning new routines and doing what we can to flatten the curve, we can still continue to help the environment and each other by staying