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There are numerous books, YouTube Channels, experts, in fact there is an entire industry dedicated to positive thinking BUT is it effective?                       It’s safe to assume that most, if not all of us have experienced feeling down and out about everything,

Here's a tongue twister for you  - Polylactic Acid also known as PLA,  is a popular alternative to everyday packaging items like clear cups and containers. PLA usage is gaining popularity as producing PLA uses 68% less energy, it’s biodegradable and

We’re not implying that you keep the icky stuff BUT there is plenty to salvage and repurpose from your rubbish if you think outside of the box. Try as one might to not buy plastics or single use items and the

Most South Africans enjoy the warmer months (who can blame them? :)) but with a couple of months left of the cold we thought we’d share some of our tips to stay green and eco-conscious (if you haven’t been already)

Well, here we are, just over halfway through 2019, already! How?   Have you managed to tick those things that you excitedly (or not so excitedly) added to your 2019 goals list?   We know how it goes, one starts off inspired and it

Aaah the humble lemon. More than just an accompaniment to a G&T 😉   We know that they’re great to add to dishes and drinks but their health benefits and cleaning power are fantastic too! The uses for lemons are seemingly endless, we’ve

We thoroughly enjoyed this article and we're pretty sure that you will too. The below post is a blog post from the lovely people over at FAITHFUL TO NATURE and written by Andrea Fedder You can’t make anyone else care. You can’t will

Our mindsets are in green gear! Having recently returned from Europe it’s reassuring to see that South Africa really is eco-aware! We may not have some of the sophisticated initiatives or infrastructure BUT we think that a lot of South Africans try

Are *YOU* keen to take the challenge? The Plastic Free July Organisation - Join millions of people reducing their plastic waste. "Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution –