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For those of you celebrating, Easter is around the corner, next Sunday to be exact. (Side note* Is it just us or is this year flying by?!)   We’ve compiled some Easter-themed crafts that are easy enough for the kids to get

“Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.” – Robin S. Sharma Journaling has gained popularity again in the last

Fun things to do this Earth Hour   We know, we know if you’re in South Africa we’ve just come out of rolling back-outs and in all likelihood you’re a bit tired of sitting in the dark BUT this time it’s for

The 22nd March marks an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater. Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right What is World Water Day? Sustainable Development Goal 6 is crystal clear: water for all by 2030.

Fun things to do with the kids these school holidays   Can you believe that the first term is already done and dusted?! School holidays are closed from today and will re-open on Tuesday 02 April so we’ve compiled a nifty list of

Do you have a sparse, empty or new flowerbed that needs a little sprucing? Propagating is easier than you think and lucky for us in South Africa, a lot of our succulents are fantastic, not to mention easy (!) to propagate. For

A beginner's guide to minimalism No doubt you've heard the term "minimalism" but what does it actually mean? In this post we delve a into the meaning of minimalism, how-to and if it's a type of  lifestyle that you're after.   First things first,

It is hard to ignore Veganism, it’s in the headlines, on blogs, social media channels etc. and for good reason.   A vegan by definition is someone who does not eat or use animal products and a vegan diet does not use

Moving towards a greener lifestyle can take some time. In this blog post we will look at how you can easily adopt a more environmentally friendly beauty routine in just a few easy steps. 1. Brush with Bamboo This is an easy one,