We’re Halfway There!

We’re Halfway There!

Well, here we are, just over halfway through 2019, already! How?


Have you managed to tick those things that you excitedly (or not so excitedly) added to your 2019 goals list?


We know how it goes, one starts off inspired and it either slowly (or not so slowly) fizzles out OR it becomes habit and things change and in that case, goal achieved.


Some of us need a bit more motivation, we want the abs but we don’t want to gym/ walk/ do crunches every day (or cut out the extra chocs…guilty!) we want to journal/meditate/ see friends more insert any chosen thing you would like to do more of BUT watching *just one more* episode of your favourite series or scrolling through social media is just easier.

It’s tricky right? Well,  we’re here to give you some mid-year inspo!












A man named Stephen Guise changed his life by doing ONE pushup a day for 209 days in a row and ended up in the best shape of his life, writing a range of booksand inspiring thousands of others to reach their goals.  One pushup a day doesn’t sound like an earth shattering goal does it?  And that is exactly it, the power of forming mini, unintimidating habits.  What’s the problem with all of this?  If sheer willpower was an unlimited source and motivation transcended the daily realities of life, everyone would be successful wouldn’t they?  So how does one cure this problem?  By simply lowering the bar.

In his book, Mini Habits: Smaller Habits. Bigger Results (we’ve read it, it’s awesome) Guise explains how consistent, daily habits changed and rewired his brain.  It allowed him to develop habits without resistance, burnout or failure.  His goals were simply too small to fail!  Where willpower and motivation will fail, strategy will not.

As his small habits were forming, he found himself doing more and more because he wanted to, not because he had to.  Some days he did 20 pushups instead of 1 or wrote 200 words instead of 50.  And this is the key.  You will end up doing more than the mini habit you committed to because you will have the desire to do more.  Sounds too good to be true?  Here are many stories of people who have succeeded by implementing this strategy.

It’s all about hacking your brain really.  Your grey matter can be an incredibly powerful source that enables you to move mountains (or jump over an impossibly high fence if chased by a Rottweiler) or it can sabotage your best efforts to avoid pain.  Your brain, like you, loves pleasure and avoids pain and we all know that forming new habits can be quite painful!  Committing to a mini habit is painless and therefore you are working with your brain, not trying to force it to overcome pain.

To summarize, here are some of the reasons setting mini goals works so well:

-It breaks the cycle of resolutions that lead to failure

-It allows your brain to form a habit without having to exercise much willpower

-There is no resistance as the habit is not intimidating and barely requires energy

-You are guaranteed to be successful with your mini habit as your goal is too small to fail

Some of you may be super motivated and that’s great but for those of us that need a proverbial…ahem, (kick in the bottom) nudge in right direction, the mini habits strategy might be just the thing to try!

Why not commit to just one mini habit starting today?


If you are interested to know more, you can read the first chapter of Guise’s eBook for free on Google Play.


We hope this reignites your motivation to get cracking with the goals that you had planned at the beginning of 2019! There’s still time, start now!

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