Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2019

Wellness trends 2019

Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are already heading for the end of 2018!  And with another year, comes new trends, ideas and inventions.

One of the industries that have flourished in recent years, is the wellness industry.  Especially in Western culture, we have become somewhat obsessed with the pursuit of health, happiness and becoming “our best selves”.

Here’s a look at the wellness trends we can expect to gain momentum in 2019:

Ketotarian Diet

wellness trends 2019

Chances are you have heard about the Keto Diet.  Maybe you even tried it.  The past year or so has seen many embrace this way of eating where you ditch carbs, grains and sugars in favor of meat, lots of animal fat and veggies.  This way of eating has been recommended to especially those with diabetes and people struggling with insulin resistance.  Unfortunately for keto-enthusiasts, consuming large amounts of animal products is not environmentally sustainable.

The live-stock industry (anyone here watched Cowspiracy?) is famous for being unsustainable and apparently emits the same amount of greenhouse gases as transport does globally.  Out of a need to make this dietary approach sustainable, the Ketotarian diet was born.

The diet takes the same-keto approach, but excludes animal products.  So, if you want to “boost energy, crush cravings and calm inflammation”, get your Ketotarian Diet Book here.  You can also check out some recipes here.

Immersive Fitness

wellness trends 2019

This fitness trend is taking virtual reality to another level!  Do you want to join the gym without physically going to the gym?  No problem, Peloton will sort you out.  This innovative company brings the gym to your home by setting you up with their equipment, and then offering live-streaming fitness classes you can enjoy from home.  You can join any class in real-time, with various Instagram trainers instructing you.

It doesn’t end there though, participants can also put on a chest strap with a built-in hear rate monitor that tracks your progress.  It also takes your age, height, weight and fitness level into consideration and then recommends the best classes to reach your goals.

This really is a great solution to those who want to get fit in the comfort of their own home, but just need that extra motivation.

Sleep Hygiene

wellness trends 2019

Who couldn’t do with a little more sleep, right?  The forecast for 2019, is that the focus will not only be on getting more sleep, but specifically focusing on quality sleep through “clean” practices.  These practices include:

Make sure the room is dark, with no light peeking through.

Unplug completely at the very least an hour before bed.  No screens whatsoever!

Avoid caffeine or stimulants before bedtime.

Avoid rich, fatty foods close to bedtime.

Get a little exercise everyday as it promotes sleep.

If you really struggle to sleep, here are 15 tips for you to try.

Less Booze

wellness trends 2019

In 2019, it is suspected that alcohol will be taking a back seat.  With a global shift towards healthier living, an increasing number of non-alcoholic alternatives are emerging on the market.

Many restaurants and bars are now offering alcohol-free menus and many of your favorite drinks are reinvented using creative, healthy ingredients and ditching the alcohol.


wellness trends 2019

Minimalism has really taken off in the last two years and is expected to only gain momentum in the year to come.  With our fast-paced lifestyles and pursuit of material wealth, minimalism has swept in as the perfect antidote to our stress-filled existence.

Whereas Minimalism initially focused primarily on ditching “stuff” that clutters up our lives, we are seeing it expand to all areas including relationships, exercise and even fashion.


Think we need to add something to this list?  Let us know in the comments below!

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