Upcycled, creative and eco Christmas Decorations made from…EcoPack products!

Upcycled, creative and eco Christmas Decorations made from…EcoPack products!

We decided to challenge ourselves and see what we could come up with in terms of Christmas decorations but using our own products.

We had a few festive bits and bobs to help us along. See below what we came up with:


We’ll kick off with the “star” of the decorations (in my opinion anyway 😉

The EcoCup & EcoBowl Christmas Tree – ideal for tables!


This couldn’t be more simple to make! Gather various sizes of EcoCups and EcoBowls of various sizes and just stack them, decorate as your heart desires. We went with some festive pom poms, a simple ribbon and then made a hole on the top cup and secured the sequin star, et voila! The branch motif on the products makes it appear even more tree-like.


EcoCup Garland

Another easy-peasy and awesomely effective one!

Grab some tinsel, twine, ribbon or string and make holes either sides near the bottom of the cups and thread your tinsel through and hang up.

*If this was done with wire and enough cups this could be turned into a wreath!

Paper straw pops

We had some broken mini baubles at the bottom of the decoration box and we were wondering what to do with them! Well, coincidently, they fit perfectly on our paper straws! Take one (or more, depending on how many baubles you have) of our paper straws and cut in half or into three pieces and pop the baubles on top! Either gather them together and tie with a ribbon or fill an EcoCup with some soil and insert the straws in for fun, festive and eco table decorations!


Clear cup PLAngel


Use one of our clear PLA cups for this beauty! Cut a paper doily into quarters, keep opposite wedges – these are the wings, gently glue them together and glue or tape to the cup.

Take a ribbon in any colour and tie and secure around the middle. For the head you can use whatever you can come up with, we upcycled a glitzy mirror ball bauble but one could draw a face on a traditional bauble or make one from cardboard.


These decorations are now proudly displayed and we’re pretty chuffed with the result!

We thought of a few more as we went along, it’s fantastic how the creative juices get flowing once you’re in the “zone”. We hope that we’ve inspired you!