Twine-Wrapped Tin Cans

Twine-Wrapped Tin Cans

Twine is a very strong thread, commonly used in the manufacturing of rugs, utilised in the sewing process of upholstery, or in the weaving process of nets. There are many different types of twine as well and each type has its own set of applications. However, there are many other creative ways these twines can be repurposed. Today, we’re going to make our own Twine-Wrapped Tin Can.



• Twine
• Clean tin can
• Strong wood glue
• Scissors



• Remove label, wash and thoroughly dry your tin cans.
• Cover your work surface with newspaper to protect from excess glue.
• Mentally divide can by thirds (to prevent premature drying) and apply an even thickness of glue around the first third.
• Tightly wrap the twine, starting from the upper edge, being careful to place each wrap as close as possible to the last.
• Spread on some glue the middle third and repeat.
• Finally, glue the final third and snip the twine, hiding the end.

Tin cans can be revamped into lanterns for outdoor parties or your home, drums for the kids or a plain old vase for your beautiful flower arrangements. These upcycled tins also make for great plant pots and you can check out our blog on how to start your own indoor herb garden. There are other elements you can add to embellish your tin if you like, but we have opted for a simple and clean look. Being crafty while staying eco-friendly has never been this easy.



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