Trash Talk

Trash Talk

We’re always told to recycle BUT how many of us know and understand what can and can’t be recycled and what those little numbers in the triangles actually mean?

We are first to advocate recycling; it’s a great step in choosing a greener life!


Some suburbs in South Africa are lucky enough to have either a paid – for or free recycling service option that collects recycling directly from the home.

Usually all jumbled together where it will be separated once back at the recycling depot.

If you do not have one of these services you will need to track down your nearest recycling depot and you will likely need to sort and separate items yourself.

Before you get started, or even if you are already recycling, our helpful guide below shows you exactly what can and can’t be recycled and what the recycling symbols mean.


If there isn’t a recycling depot near you, keep an eye out for paper and glass recycling bins, usually located at schools, libraries, parking lots and the like. Even if you can’t recycle all of your items, a little is better than none.

We hope that you found this useful and it assists you along your recycling journey, please feel free to share.

Here are some other useful sites:

Treevolution  This is a very useful site and it assisted us with compiling our guide. (Thank you)


Cape Town Green Map



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