Top Food Trends for 2018

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Top Food Trends for 2018

With another year always comes another trend.  When it comes to the fast paced food industry, it’s difficult to keep up!

This year has seen over-the-top extravagant milkshakes (trust me, you HAVE to see it), activated-charcoal everything and fermented foods amongst many others.

According to, and, here are the top food trends to watch out for in 2018:

Flower power

Edible flowers have been popping up in markets everywhere and business is blooming!  Although edible flowers make for beautiful presentation, combining the aroma of various edible flowers with food and drinks is the trend to watch in 2018.  Head on over to to buy a 15g punnet.

Eating the whole thing

Root-to-stem recipes are on the rise and we’re loving it as it eliminates waste!  Clever & creative use of the parts not usually eaten will likely be spotted at restaurants across the globe

Super powders

We’ve been spotting super powders everywhere this year already, and apparently they are just going to become increasingly popular in 2018.  Get your hands on one of Superlatte’s amazing latte powder blends here.

Superlatte’s amazing beetroot and turmeric latte’s. You can catch them at The Oranjezicht Market on Saturdays in Cape Town. Image credit


Mushrooms are moving up in the world and you can expect to enjoy mushroom-infused coffee, tea and even spot them in your body lotion!  They have already been trending in 2017, and will do so even more in 2018.  Local is lekker, so if you want a taste of this trend, head on over to Unframed Ice-Cream on Kloof Street, Cape Town for a scoop of their Vegan Lion’s Mane Mushroom Ice-Cream.

Beautiful Pink Oyster Mushrooms from Mother City Mushrooms available at the Oranjezicht Market in Cape Town.


Mushroom Ice-Cream from Unframed Ice-Cream on Kloof Street, Cape Town. Image credit lifeunframed.

A Middle East feast

If you’re not a total foodie, you might not know what Middle Eastern food translates to, but if you have been enjoying hummus, grilled halloumi and have been generous with the cardamom in your curry (I certainly have!), you have been taking part in the rising trend already.

Tell the truth

It seems that efforts to raise awareness have paid off as consumer trends indicate that shoppers want to know exactly where their food comes from.  From the welfare of the animals to responsible production, transparency is the key for all involved in the food industry for (hopefully) the years to come.

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