The Wonderful Benefits of Planting Trees

The Wonderful Benefits of Planting Trees

With National Arbor week kicking off on 1 September, we are once again reminded how crucial trees are to our health and existence.

Sure, we all know that they supply oxygen and provide shade, but the benefits of planting trees extend far beyond that.

If you haven’t already, here are some wonderful reasons to plant trees this Arbor Week:

Prevents water pollution

Trees help prevent stormwater from carrying toxins and pollutants to our oceans.  When it rains, trees prevent excessive runoff as the water flows down the trunk and into the ground underneath the tree.  The tree then acts as a sponge by naturally filtering the water.

Good for mental health

A recent study indicates that living in areas filled with trees, is beneficial to your health and wellbeing.  Being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on your psychological and cognitive health with the added benefit of reducing your stress levels.

Reduces crime

Yes, you read that correctly!  According to research, greener neighborhoods have significantly less crime than non-vegetated neighborhoods.  The study found that this remained true even after researchers controlled for socioeconomic factors.  If that’s not a good reason to plant trees, I don’t know what is!

Trees increase property value

A series of international studies on property value found that trees can increase property value by up to 18%.  The aesthetic appeal, shade and improved air-quality trees provide are all contributing factors.

Trees can heal

Studies have indicated that patients who have a view of trees and greenery outside their window, heal better and faster with less complications.  Hospital gardens can go a long way in aiding the healing process of their patients.

Here at EcoPack, we are proud to be planting trees with Greenpop!  Greenpop collaborates with individuals, businesses and organizations to run environmental and tree-planting projects.  So if you cannot plant a tree, you can always sponsor a tree-planting project.



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