The Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Packaging for Your Business

The Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Packaging for Your Business

If you are a business owner passionate about the environment, it’s likely that you are making use of biodegradable & compostable packaging.

Your motives are noble – you want to reduce your carbon footprint, conserve the environment and do what you can as an entrepreneur!

Although switching to biodegradable packaging benefits the environment, have you ever considered the value of going green for your business?

If you are already using biodegradable packaging, the advantages for your business is a bonus, if not, then maybe the benefits below will convince you!

1.Expansion of your customer base

There’s a growing number of consumerswho are concerned about the environment.  Millennials especially, fall into this category.  According to Forbes, millennials have “stronger connections with brands that promote sustainability in addition to corporate responsibility”.  But it’s not only millennials who prefer making sustainable choices.  Unileverconducted an international study where 20 000 adults from 5 countries were asked how their environmental concerns influence their spending choices.  Their actual spending choices were also taken into consideration for the sake of accuracy.  The result?  33% chose to buy from businesses they believed to be environmentally responsible.

2.A good reputation

If your business is environmentally aware, it sends a positive message to consumers about the values of your company and boosts your reputation.  According to Forbes, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.  Word of mouth remains one of the most valuable forms of marketing out there, and if you have a solid reputation, you can bet people will be talking.  Especially on social media!  Whatever you do, don’t greenwash your company by making false claims of sustainability.  Not only is it unethical, once consumers pick up you’re dishonest, your reputation will suffer.

3.Health and quality

Many biodegradable & compostable packaging items are superior in quality and more aesthetically pleasing than cheap plastic and styrofoam products.  If you have ever compared a bagasse (sugar cane) takeaway container to a flimsy (and sweaty) styrofoam one, you will know exactly what we’re talking about!  Biodegradable & compostable packaging is also free from toxins like BPA and chlorine – nasty chemicals we want to avoid!

4.Staying on trend

Many countries are starting to ban or have banned single use plastic.  Kenya, Australia, Canada and France (to name only a few) have all banned specific single use plastic items.  There’s a global shift towards sustainability and many companies are realizing that they need to get on board.  Ensuring your business is sustainable means you are in the frontlines of the battle against waste and pollution.


If being and promoting sustainability is not yet part of your marketing strategy, it should be!

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