Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Guilt-free pampering!

We’ve rounded up some of South Africa’s top eco-friendly and green beauty brands.

Times have definitely changed and we are now spoiled for choice when it comes to the selection eco-friendly, clean and green beauty products available. Even a lot of the major beauty brands have started taking small steps to go greener.

In our research, we ran out of space to include all the available brands that we came across and no doubt there are more that we haven’t mentioned. We’ve included a handy list at the bottom of this post of other brands with links so that you can check them out for yourself.

Lets dive straight in:


In 2011 NakedCherry decided to bring a waxing revolution to South Africa, using the latest methods and standards NakedCherry Waxing Boutiques was born! Focusingon nothing but waxing. With thousands of waxing treatments under our belt and a unique perspective in the industry we created NakedCherry Apothecary with a simple mission, to provide retail and professional wax products that exceed both in performance and in beauty to the best products in the world. Not to mention the playful branding!

Skin Conditioning Gel – Hooked on Hydration

This Lavender Aloe Gel is the perfect partner for keeping waxed skin nourished especially after a workout. Use in place of your regular moisturizer. With Rosemary to improve circulation and alleviate muscle and joint pain, while its antiseptic properties prevent ingrowns and keep your skin smooth and bump free.


SOiL was born out of our family managed, organic essential oil farming operation in Zululand, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Since 2001 this where they have grown and distilled aromatic plants for their precious oils. As an eco-ethical range certified by ECO-Cert , SOiL was the first company in South Africa to sell a complete range of 100% certified organic essential oils!

The way we are able to maintain these strong social and ethical guidelines is by closely managing our product through manufacturing, packaging and distributing directly from our farm, thereby encouraging local economic growth, creating employment and utilising local, renewable resources.

ETHICS: No animal testing ever. PURITY: No petrochemicals, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances or colorants.

This unrefined, organic Shea Butter (R95) spreads smoothly and easily all over your body leaving you skin, hair and nails nourished and enriched. This powerful moisturiser protects and nourishes dry, damaged skin. Pure enough for baby too!

Be sure to check out their vast essential oil range, wax melt, remedy rollers and more!


We just love this range as it covers everything from face wash to dishwashing liquid to deodorant to shampoo to laundry powder.

If you’re looking to start your journey into “green products” the pricing, variety, ingredients and efficacy of this range make it a great place to start!

Eco Diva

Eco Diva products have been designed with carefully chosen ingredients that match the molecular structure of skin. When the products are applied, the skin recognizes the specific nutrients it needs to enable deep absorption of  these nutrients for self healing and self repair. Real anti-aging, glowing results are now possible without using any harmful chemicals.

Eco Friendly | Organic ingredients | Non-toxic | Chemical-free | Paraben-free | Sulphate-free | Cruelty-free | Vegan-friendly | Unisex | Beauty Without Cruelty Certified | Proudly made in South Africa.



The Healing sea Co. 

A brand born out of necessity for a natural alternative to Cortisone. As it turn out seaweed was the answer!

Seaweed is similar to human plasma. Thus vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body and help to balance skin cells. The oligosaccharide content of Ecklonia Maxima Seaweed has soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti- oxidant and anti-ageing properties. It is excellent for eczema and psoriasis, sunburn, photosensitivity and all dry skin problems.

This brand’s founding story is so interesting, read it here



One of South Africa’s best-known skincare brands offers a refill option on certain products within in their range, we love this as it reduces packaging from ending up in landfills and we thought that this was definitely worth a mention.

This unique feature ensures that consumers only have to pay for Nimue’s elegant and premium packaging once and thereafter can save as much as 30% on buying the refills. Not only good for one’s pocket, but great for the environment.


But wait, there’s more!

These South African beauty brands are also worth checking out.

Please let us know in the comments of any brands that we’ve missed.

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*Images and info used are from the respective brands websites which are hyperlinked.
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