School’s Out

School’s Out

Fun things to do with the kids these school holidays


Can you believe that the first term is already done and dusted?!

School holidays are closed from today and will re-open on Tuesday 02 April so we’ve compiled a nifty list of fun things to keep the kids entertained over the holidays, most of them free!


Get Trash

If follow us on social media you would have seen our #TrashTag Challenge post yesterday whereby people are taking before and after images of an area covered in litter and posting it on social media using the hash tag #TrashTag.

The poster cleans up the area and then takes a picture of the area all cleaned up. Why not do this with the kids?

You can do it on a small scale, walk along the road that your house is in, or nearby park, the beach etc. armed with a bag and just pick up rubbish as you go.

You and the kids will get some fresh air and exercise as well as doing your part.


Go to the library

Many libraries run a special holiday program and offer story time sessions, crafting and activity sessions. Contact your local library to find out.

Get outside

The weather is still great, make the most of it and take the kids to the beach, dam, forest or even the park and enjoy the vitamin D, Exercise and fresh air.


Get Crafty

There are loads of activities to do with the kids with scraps of fabric, paper, and various sized cardboard boxes – apply your imagination. Your Family magazine has some wonderful ideas!

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You need to download it for a fee (the savings out weigh the cost provided that you use it).

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Movie night, picnics, draw, treasure hunts

Set up a movie night, let the kids pick the movie and snacks and get them to help set up (and clean up). Snuggle up and enjoy.

Get large pieces of paper and create a treasure map, stain with tea bags, distress it and remember to mark your “X”

Have a picnic in the garden, hide a few treats in the garden for afterwards and let them have a treasure hunt.


Keep an eye on your local community Facebook Pages for any local-based activities.


We wish you and your family a fun and safe holiday!




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