Positive Thinking – What’s the Deal?

Positive Thinking – What’s the Deal?

There are numerous books, YouTube Channels, experts, in fact there is an entire industry dedicated to positive thinking BUT is it effective?












It’s safe to assume that most, if not all of us have experienced feeling down and out about everything, everyone and life in general. Or if not that, you’ve had a really bad day/ week / month, where everything is just not going as it should.

(It’s important to note here that there is a difference between “feeling down” and depression, if your “down feeling” is persistent and ongoing and is affecting your day to day life, do not hesitate to seek help!**)


I’ve been feeling a bit down and out lately and what naturally followed was my negative outlook on EVERYTHING…you know when even you get tired of yourself? (lol! But it’s true) Life is pretty busy and life just doesn’t seem to slow down all the while the demands seem to increase but my life and its current situations are not unique. I may have one set of issues while you will have another whole set of different issues and your neighbor/ colleague/ aunt etc. will have their own set, completely different from yours or mine.

So this got (grumpy) me thinking, does thinking positively actually change anything?

Well, I’m no scientist, Doctor or neurologist but I do know that being the moaner and groaner and being negative about everything certainly isn’t going to make a situation any better, it won’t do you any good and you won’t win in the popularity stakes either.

There have been many studies on the “power” of positive thinking and although positive thinking may not change the outcome of a situation it can vastly change how you feel, deal and accept and move on with things.












Positive people have shown to have, amongst other benefits:

  • Better health (and actually live longer)
  • Happier relationships
  • Deal with stress better
  • More confidence
  • More successful

And why wouldn’t you want your piece of these things?

I know that I generally need some alone time and a good sleep to regroup and gather my thoughts when I’m having a down day/s.

While I accept that life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, once I decided to pop on those rose-tinted glasses for a few days, I felt A LOT better for it and things didn’t seem nearly as grim as I had in my head.



And with all that said, it is absolutely normal to feel glum now and then, it’s human nature and you should embrace it and allow yourself to have those feelings (as long as they are not harmful!**)

In fact, here’s an interesting article that highlights the advantages of feeling down.

Strike the balance and know the difference between a bad mood, a down day/s, anger/ irritation and perhaps something more than that and if you realise that the reason you’re annoyed with the queue that’s taking too long is actually because you have to go home and do your SARS tax return, try and just calm down and accept that you HAVE to do that tax return / write that article / do that report. Just do it and perhaps reward yourself once you’ve completed the task.

So whether the glass is half full or half empty, the fact is, there is at least something IN the glass! Keep it topped up 😉

Now, let me go do that tax return…

*Disclaimer – this is purely an opinion piece and is not written by a qualified professional, medical or otherwise.


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