Our Favourite Egg Box Repurposing Ideas!

Our Favourite Egg Box Repurposing Ideas!

So many of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and it’s good to start small, no matter how small.

And, there are loads of ways to do your part! (yay)

This week, we’re looking at way to repurpose egg boxes.


  • If there is farm stall  or a farmer in your neighbourhood, see if they would like them, it saves them from having to buy.

There is a farm shop near me and they gladly accept them and they request that if you can, to bring your own if you’re buying eggs from them.

Otherwise, any friends who own chickens would probably be happy to have them too.


  • Use it as filler if you’re sending a parcel or moving instead of  bubble wrap!


  • It makes for a handy fire starter (so do our takeaway boxes, just FYI )


  • Egg cartons are great for seedlings, pop in a little soil, your seed and then some more soil, water gently and when it’s ready, put the whole carton in the soil where you want.

Organise your:





Stationary drawers


All those little compartments are ideal for all your bits and bobs. Customise and prettify as you wish!

We hope this inspires you to repurpose your egg boxes!