New in Eco Tech

New in Eco Tech

What a fast-paced world we live in! Keeping up with the latest social media, fashion and food trends is difficult enough, now you have to keep up with tech trends too?!

Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of six of some of the coolest new innovations in eco technology. Be sure to keep your eye on these as they’re bound to change the world.

  1. Solar roof tiles

By now everyone knows what solar panels are, and you’re bound to know someone who’s had some installed on their roof. What you may not know is that now every individual roof tile can be a mini solar panel itself! Thanks to Elon Musk, gone are the days where the only solar option was a big clunky square on your roof. With solar tiles, the energy efficient and renewable system blends seamlessly with your house, making it both beautiful and eco-friendly!

  1. Living buildings

City living comes with so many perks. Everything is so easy to access, there are countless things to keep you entertained, and things are constantly on the go. The one thing they can often lack however, is beautiful green spaces. Living buildings incorporate forests into skyscrapers, with open spaces between apartments for greenery. Not only is this more visually appealing, but also a great way to combat city pollution!

  1. Vertical farming

Approximately one third of farming land is used for crops, with farming land taking up around 38% of the global land surface. As our population grows, this horizontal farming method is becoming more unsustainable. Luckily, there has been a growth in vertical farming, which sees much space saved. Much like skyscrapers, vertical farming allows for more to grow in less space, it also creates an incredible vegetable forest! Definitely a win-win.

  1. Solar flowers

Solar panels that move to follow the sun? Solar panels that look super cute?? With new tracking technology, the SmartFlower has been created to follow the sun as it moves, making it much more effective and collecting solar power. Shaped like a flower, it works much like sunflowers do, and manages to look almost as endearing as it does.

  1. Cool pavements

Remember the days of hopping from one foot to the other when walking barefoot on the pavement? Did you know that with white pavements, you wouldn’t need to? Dark pavements absorb a lot of heat, leading to them becoming unbearable to walk on in summer. They even raise the temperature of the city around them! With pale pavements, the light is reflected instead of absorbed. This can reduce the temperature by 10-15 degrees!

  1. Lab grown meat

Wanting to reduce your meat consumption without giving up the flavour? Thinking of more ethical ways to consume animal products? Innovations in lab grown meat mean that muscle stem cells from animals can be used to grow various types of meat, all without the inhumane conditions! As this takes off, hopefully we’ll see a decrease in plant-based alternative products’ prices!

What new innovations are you most excited to see in eco tech?