Make your own EcoBrick

Make your own EcoBrick

Many of the single-use products that we use every day have damaging effects on the environment. EcoBricks provide us with a sustainable solution to re-use non-biodegradable or recyclable waste such as foil, some plastic or styrofoam.

EcoBricks are made by using solid, non-biodegradable waste placed into plastic bottles to a set density, making them suitable building blocks for any structure. From furniture to walls and sheds, EcoBricks are great for sealing away plastic waste that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.


Make your own EcoBrick in 5 easy steps:

  1. Collect, clean and dry plastic waste at home. Items such as foil, cling wrap or any other non-recyclables will be sure to fill up your ecobrick.
  2. Compress waste into a plastic bottle with a stick. An old-fashioned wooden spoon handle does the trick.
  3. Pack tightly after every level to ensure the waste is properly compacted.
  4. Squeeze the bottle with your hand to check if it’s tight and full enough or tries standing on it to see if it holds your weight.
  5. Seal tightly with the bottle top! And now you’re ready to use your EcoBrick.


Alternatively, donating your EcoBricks to a great cause will put it to good use. Check out these EcoBrick initiatives and get involved:


Going Green and making your own EcoBricks are an easy and practical way for anyone to make a substantial contribution towards reducing plastic waste.