How to Hack your Motivation Levels

How to Hack your Motivation Levels

It’s 10 AM.  You’re at work staring at your computer screen and wishing the day over already.  You find every excuse not to tackle that to-do list glaring at you and promptly start browsing Facebook, checking your phone or maybe even eating your lunch earlier.  Anything, as long as you’re distracted!

Sound familiar?

A lack of motivation is something that can strike anyone, at any time and can sneak its way into your home life, work performance and personal goals.  It can happen for various reasons.  Maybe you constantly compare yourself to others or maybe you are just really exhausted and checked out mentally.  The list could go on!

Although it’s normal to feel this way sometimes, when procrastination and reduced productivity follow those feelings and become habit, you know it’s time to put some strategies into place!

Here are a few motivation hacks that will help you change gears for the New Year:

Break it down (and then some more)

A big task or work project can be very overwhelming.  As stress and anxiety are very unpleasant emotions, our brains can seek distraction from it which leads to procrastination (or a fridge raid!).  This again leads to unproductivity and then some more stress as you fall behind.  Not fun!

A practical strategy around this is to start writing a to-do list.  After you have written your to-do list, make a to-do list for your to-do list!  So every item on your list gets broken down into even smaller steps.  This makes the steps more achievable with less danger of mental overload.  It helps you get to the most important part; taking action!

It doesn’t only apply to work projects or tasks.  Breaking any goal you have into ridiculously small steps will help keep you motivated to move forward as it takes much less effort.  As you get things done, one small step at a time, your motivation will increase and your brain will come out of its hiding spot!

The snowball effect

The number one thing you need to succeed at anything in life, is persistence.  And I mean annoying, telesales-type persistence.  Great, but persistence also requires some serious motivation, so what now?  Well, there’s a hack for that!

Let’s imagine your goal is to compete in a marathon.  You’re really unfit, so you first aim to jog 1km a day.  Well done, you chopped up your goal into bite-sized pieces and all is going well.  Until that day comes.  You know, that day you failed to complete your 1km jog and you’re thinking to yourself this was a dumb idea?  One missed day becomes ten missed days and you convince yourself that you will never get there anyway.  Motivation and inspiration gone.  It’s all or nothing right?


Let’s do a little visualization.  Imagine a snowball.  At first, it’s really tiny and insignificant and it moves slowly.  But eventually, as it’s rolling down the mountain, it gains momentum and becomes bigger and bigger and faster and faster.  Suddenly, it’s huge and unstoppable!

The steps you take toward your goals, however small, are like the snow accumulating on that snowball.  Even if you miss the mark some days (and you will), but you get up and keep rolling anyway, you will get there eventually.  So when you feel unmotivated, visualize that snowball, keep doing what you’re doing and slowly roll your way to success!

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Just keep that ball rolling!

Do something you love

Maybe life has just gotten a bit dull and repetitive.  You have forgotten that it can actually be wonderful and exhilarating to be alive!  If you have lost the twinkle in your eye and just feel a bit “blah” and unmotivated in general, taking some time to do something you love can make a big difference.

In fact, I believe it’s important to make time for your hobbies and passions (Netflix doesn’t count btw.) on a regular basis. Schedule it for the month ahead and treat it like a doctor’s appointment – it’s non-negotiable.  That way you have something to look forward to every month when some days feel a bit drab.

Hack your motivation - EcoPack - South Africa

Binge-watching series on the couch doesn’t count as a hobby!

What are some tips and tricks you use to motivate yourself?  We would love to hear about it, so please leave a comment below!I hope by using the strategies above you manage to grab hold of 2018 with both arms and legs and have your best, most successful year yet!



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