Greener Gift Wrapping Ideas & Last Minute Gifts!

Greener Gift Wrapping Ideas & Last Minute Gifts!

By now, most of the gifts have been bought (Hopefully! And if not, we’ve got some last ideas for you towards the bottom of this post!)

All that’s left to do is wrap all those gifts and the temptation to wrap them up in beautiful wrapping paper is there but unfortunately not all wrapping “paper” is actually paper some are plastic-based. Then there’s the issue of Sellotape, glittery gift tags, ribbons etc.

There is the “scrunch test” which helps as a rule of thumb. If you scrunch up your wrapping paper and it stays scrunched then it is quite likely recyclable but if it doesn’t then it probably isn’t recyclable.

This year we’re opting for more pocket and earth – friendly wrapping paper options, have a look:

Re-use newspaper

Newspaper is GREAT for wrapping gifts and is both biodegradable and recyclable make for perfect gift-wrap; jazz it up with some ribbon or raffia.


Get the kids involved

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Used printed paper with a style, pattern or picture and let the kids colour it in or let them express their creativity on blank sheets of paper, it doesn’t get more personal than that!


Make use of (very) old book pages

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

If someone is throwing out or recycling old books and no one wants them for reading, tear out the pages and use to wrap gifts.  Give it a classic look with string and some fresh flowers.


Magazine pages

Colour coordinate or theme your wrapping paper to easily match your gift with pages from a magazine.

We hope that this has brought you some green inspo for any wrapping that lies ahead of you in the coming days with a bit more peace of mind!

Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas

NOW for those of you that are perhaps not so organised and still need to buy gifts, you can avoid busy malls by simply buying vouchers online for online stores (we love Faithful To Nature, Wellness Warehouse, Yuppiechef etc., a voucher for your recipient’s favourite restaurant or make your own vouchers with offers like:

“Coffee date, coffee on me”,”Dinner at my place”,”Babysitting for an evening” – But add anything that the person would appreciate and things that of course you’re willing to offer 🙂

  • If vouchers aren’t your thing, pop by your local nursery and buy pretty indoor (or outdoor) plants.
  • If you have star dish that you make – cookies, fudge, cakes, treat your nearest and dearest to your finest! Or perhaps you’re a great photographer – gift one of your favourite shots, or skilled at drawing – give one of your sketches – think outside of the box while still keeping it meaningful.
  • There are still a few Christmas markets on and you’re sure to find some real gems while supporting local.
  • Failing all else, make a donation to a charity close to your recipient’s heart and make a card stating that.

Our offices are closing today for 2019 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being here and reading our weekly posts, as always, we hope that they’ve sparked interest, thought and hopefully some enjoyment too!

For those of you who celebrate, we wish you a wonderful festive season with you and your loved ones!

The EcoPack Team x