Green Valentine’s Day Gifts

Green Valentine’s Day Gifts

We’ve compiled a list of ten greener Valentine’s Day gifting options!

Valentine’s Day may be viewed as just another moneymaking holiday but it is always nice to show those nearest and dearest to us that we appreciate and love them.

We hope it inspires you!


  1. EcoPack Straws

PUT DOWN the Plastic straws, they are very much on their way out; we have a gorgeous duo set of stainless steel rainbow straws! Check them out here.


2. Forget flowers,

say it with herbs/ succulents / a seed pot / plant a tree in their honour – any plant variant of your choice that lasts longer than a few days.

Succulents are wonderful (not to mention easy to maintain and to propagate), a little herb box is handy for a keen cook and plant box already planted with a favourite vegetable, flower, herb is thoughtful!

This is literally a gift that keeps on giving!

  1. If you want to gift something extra-pretty, you will most definitely find it at Sparrow Society.

“Sparrow Society is a Non Profit Company based in Cape Town South Africa. Our aim is to go beyond mere charity by providing the skills training and opportunities for our Creators to earn a livable wage with dignity, and to go from merely surviving to thriving. We strive to create high quality products with ethically sourced materials featuring awesome Afri-Mod designs. Your purchase helps us in our mission to “Change the World One Really Cool Product at a Time”

Image credit: Sparrow Society


  1. Say Sayonara to single use plastic and stock up on some SUPA.

A brand with a lot of heart!

“The SUPA range is expanding all the time, but for now includes wax wraps (to replace cling wrap and tinfoil), reusable, elasticated bowl covers, fresh produce mesh bags and a carry-all pouch with all your shopping bag requirements within. All of my products are unique, hand crafted and with a distinctively African flavour using traditional Shweshwe fabric. All my sewn products are made by a group of beautiful women in the township of Masiphumelele in Noordhoek.”


  1. Get footsy – FEAT.sock co. is without a doubt one of the funnest brands around.

For him, her, the kids, your colleague, you just can’t go wrong.

We dare you to not find a pair that catches your fancy!

“We hope to never take things too seriously (especially not our socks), but there are a few things we do: quality, comfort, customer service and local production. All production is kept local to Cape Town, South Africa, and we aim to always keep it that way.”

  1. Have a way with words and failing that, an Origami heart will win them over!

Who doesn’t love a love letter? Pour your heart out, profess, proclaim OR if letters of adoration aren’t your thing simply write “I Love You” on this easy-peasy origami heart.



  1. You knew this would be here.

A Picnic. Go big, go small, have a car picnic, a garden picnic or even a picnic in the lounge.

  1. Another obvious but more ethical choice thereof, chocolate.

Cocoafair – plant based, earth conscious, culturally inclusive, business for change and cocoa tree to bar.

Also, delicious!



  1. Number nine is for the greater good of everyone! BE KIND!

Let that person in in the traffic, hold the door for someone, tip extra generously, compliment someone and likewise, if you’re at the receiving end of these gestures, say thank you.

  1. Make a donation to a charity close to your beloved’s heart.

No explanation needed, share the love.


We hope that our list sparked some ideas and that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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