Green New Year’s Resolutions!

Green New Year’s Resolutions!

With only a few more sleeps to go until 2020 we thought we’d compile a list of Green New Year’s Resolutions, some are easy to stick to and others will take a bit more effort.

Even if you only manage a few of them, some is better than none! Remember that with a whole lot of little contributions we can have a BIG impact so without further ado:

  1. Remember your reusable shopping bags! We hear this one ALL.THE.TIME BUT how many times are said bags forgotten in the car? If you forget your bags and only realise when you’re at the till, pop all your groceries in a trolley and pack them into the bags at your car and if you remember beforehand, nip to the car and fetch them! (You’ll only forget once or twice before it becomes habit!)
  2. Water Bottles – Avoid buying single-use bottles of water, instead fill up a reusable bottle, pop it in the fridge and take it along when you go out. Don’t forget your reusable straw!
  3. Buy only what you need – this applies to a lot of things but clothes especially and fast fashion in particular. Opt for quality items that will last. South Africa’s second hand clothing market is blossoming with sites like Yaga and other online sites, stores and thrift markets you can find some real gems at a fraction of the cost!
  4. Chemical -free house cleaners – As your usual detergents and cleaners come to an end have a look at what natural options are available, Better Earth is one of our favourites but there are plenty to choose from. Alternatively, make your own! Regular vinegar and bicarb are a winning duo and can be used from cleaning loos to cleaning glass, Google for amounts and recipes.
  5. Ditch the plastic where you can – Liquid hand soap? Bar soap is just as effective. Give bar shampoo a bash too (one of my favourite finds this year!) If you have no option but to buy in plastic opt for the largest size to reduce the amount of smaller bottles that you would end up buying in the long run.
  6. Air-dry your clothes – we’re lucky in South Africa that it is nice and sunny most of the time and pretty windy in parts of the country too, make use of it to dry your clothes! Tumble dryers use a lot of electricity!
  7. Walk/ cycle/ public transport where you can – Use this one with caution, as South African’s know, South Africa is large and most of us live far away from amenities so walking or cycling isn’t always an option not to mention crime which adds to this BUT where and when you can.
  8. Eat less meat and when you do eat meat ensure that it is quality meat – this means that you will be getting the optimum nutrition from the meat and the animal would have had a good quality of life.
  9. Cook from scratch –  Convenience foods are covered in plastic and packaging which just gets tossed. Be strict with yourself and create a weekly meal-plan, it will take time but you will save money and time in the long run.
  10. Grow your own – even if it’s just a little herb pot on your kitchen windowsill! If you have a garden try planting your favourite veggies, herbs or even fruit and enjoy your harvest!
  11. Support local – Buy and support local where you can, this applies to everything!
  12. Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle!
  13. Start a compost pile – if you don’t have space find out if someone in your community does. Compost sharing is on the up and it’s where one member of the community takes organic waste and composts it and in return you get a bucket of compost when it is ready, if you don’t need the compost see it as your friendly contribution.
  14. Volunteer or donate – If you don’t have the time ask your chosen charity if they have a Wishlist and then see if you can assist.
  15. Be kind – to yourself and strangers – just because!


May 2020 be a happy, prosperous and wonderful year for all of us!

Goodbye for the last time in 2019!



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