Fun eco-activities for families

Fun eco-activities for families

Protecting our planet is all about creating and increasing awareness of environmental issues. No matter the size, there are many activities for everyone to actively contribute towards caring for the environment in their everyday routines.

Planting trees and creating posters may be the obvious approach, but why not try one of our four fun suggestions to set your green wheels off in motion:


1. Go for a Nature Walk
Take your entire family on a fun walking trail and place tape, sticky side out, on the children’s wrists to collect things in nature. Create nature art such as a welcome sign will show all visitors that your home is an eco-friendly home that totally embraces nature.


2. Grow a Family Veggie Garden
Not only does it contribute towards your family’s overall health and wellbeing, but you’ll save so much on groceries and naturally relieve stress by getting physical outside in the fresh air and sunshine.



3. Recycling Bins at home
One of the keys to establishing a successful recycling program in your home is to create a system that works specifically for you and your family. Consider practising a simple system that even the kids can get into, with baskets or drawers that are quick and easy to access but slide out of sight when not in use.



4. Have a day of service and clean up your neighbourhood
This is a great way to get kids involved in caring for the environment from an early age.
Here are some locals doing the most for their environment. Hit them up and get involved:

Cape Town:
Port Elizabeth:



• Extra activity: Recycled paper seed cards
We are always in need of a special card to send well wishes to our loved ones. Have a craft day with your kids and make a batch of these beautiful recycled paper seed cards to promote environmentally sustainable alternatives and save on buying cards for every occasion!


Fostering a culture of caring for the environment in your home helps children understand the importance of taking care of the environment and a great way to pave an eco-conscious mindset for the future. Not only will it help generations to come, but you get to care for the environment while having fun with your loved ones.