Frequently asked questions

What is sustainable packaging?

Packaging made by the best utilization of renewable energy, design and materials to reduce and minimize the environmental impact through its lifecycle.

What is compostable packaging?

Packaging that is compostable is made from biodegradable materials and disintegrates into natural elements under the right conditions through exposure to microorganisms, humidity and high temperatures.

What happens to the disposed packaging if it ends up in landfill?

Simply throwing your compostable products away is not really the answer if you are concerned about the environment.  Most landfills are anaerobic as the waste is compacted tightly.  Compostable/ biodegradable materials will either not really biodegrade, or do so very slowly due to the lack of oxygen and microorganisms.  A commercial composting site is the best end-of-life option for compostable packaging.  Home composting can also be considered, however the conditions have to optimal for especially the breakdown of PLA.  Read more about your composting options here.

What are the “pre-life benefits” of using sustainable packaging?

The pre-life benefits of a product refers to the environmental benefits of manufacturing the products.

Raw materials used in the production of our products are renewable, managed sustainably and made from plants, not oil. They are therefore a more sustainable option than traditional oil-based packaging made from a non-renewable resource.  Our clear cups, containers and lids made from IngeoTM PLA require 68% fewer fossil fuel resources to produce than traditional plastic.

These benefits remain regardless of how the packaging is disposed.

Can my brand be printed on your products?

Yes!  We offer a variety of custom branding options, check out your custom branding options here

Do you manufacture?

We do not manufacture any products ourselves.  We source and import the highest quality, eco-friendly packaging available on the market.

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