Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Date Ideas

Celebrating your love doesn’t have to be a strain on the environment! We have put together some ways that you and your partner can celebrate Valentine’s Day, the eco-friendly way.

Picnic in the park:

Enjoy a romantic picnic in your local park, using reusable utensils, plates, and cloth napkins. Take all your waste (if any) home with you and sort into recyclable, compostable, and rubbish bin. Choose locally sourced and organic foods to reduce your carbon footprint even further.

Take a hike or nature walk:

Experience the great outdoors by going on a scenic hike or gentle walk in a nearby park or nature reserve. Quality time together, surrounded by nature. In South Africa, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to parks, nature reserves, and mountain trails; enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Plant a tree together:

Spend time together planting trees in a community garden, a park, or even at home. You could also volunteer at a tree planting event! Celebrate your love while contributing to the environment. (Check out Greenpop!)

Upcycling crafts:

If you are into crafting, get creative together by repurposing old materials into new and useful items. (Have a look at this idea on our blog – twine-wrapped tin cans.)

Farmers market adventure:

Explore a local farmer’s market together. Choose fresh, local produce to cook at home. Supporting local farmers promotes sustainability.

Volunteer for a beach clean up:

Dedicate your Valentine’s Day to giving back to the environment by joining an organised beach clean-up; or even just take a walk along the beach and pick up and bin any rubbish that you find.

DIY spa night:

Create a spa night at home using homemade face masks, scrubs, and bath bombs made from natural ingredients. You can even add some organic sparkling wine and vegan snacks to make it more fun.

Cook a sustainable meal:

Prepare a homemade meal using locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Opt for a plant-based meal to reduce your carbon footprint even more. Enjoy the meal together under the stars.

Zero-waste dinner date:

Choose a restaurant that prioritises zero-waste practices; and take reusable containers with you for any leftovers.


Find a quiet spot away from the city lights and spend the evening star gazing. Get comfortable on a blanket, and take a sustainably-sourced picnic with you.


Remember, the most important aspect is to spend quality time together, and by incorporating eco-friendly practices, you can make your Valentine’s Day celebration even more special.

If you are wanting to spoil your significant other with something special this Valentine’s Day, we have compiled a list of Green Valentine’s Day Gifts.

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