Eco Friendly Chocolate Options for Easter

Easter and chocolate are practically synonymous, but traditional chocolate production can have significant environmental and social impacts. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly chocolate options available that allow the Easter Bunny to spoil the kids this Easter; while minimizing harm to the planet.

We share some delicious eco-friendly chocolate choices that are perfect for Easter celebrations.

Nova Chocolate

✅ Chocolates are sugar-free, gluten-free, and most are also dairy-free and vegan friendly

✅ Halaal-certified

✅ Exceptionally high-quality, ethically-sourced cacao beans

📍 Buy online from their website.


Honest Chocolate

✅ Bean-to-bar chocolate

✅ Use organically-produced ingredients

✅ Source organic, local, and fair

✅ Their Easter eggs are vegan and cane-sugar-free

📍 Buy online from their website.


Rrraw Chocolate

✅ They use the finest beans from all over Africa

✅ Certified organic

✅ Vegan friendly

📍 Find their stockists here.



✅ Only use sustainable ingredients

✅ Work with farmers who get a fair price for their harvest

❌ Make sure that no children are involved in growing or processing their beans

📍 Buy online from their website.


The Chocolate Yogi

✅ They use the finest cacao and cocoa

✅ Their chocolates are plant-based and gluten-free

✅ Vegan and cruelty-free

✅ They support sustainable and ethical farming

✅ They use organic and raw ingredients where possible

❌ Their formulations are free from GMOs and preservatives

❌ They do not use palm oil or cane sugar

📍 Buy online from Faithful to Nature or Wellness Warehouse.


Gayleen’s Chocolates

✅ Their treats are sweetened with honey

✅ Committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing

❌ No dairy, palm oil, or refined sugar used

📍 Buy online from their website.



✅ Bean-to-bar chocolate

✅ Direct trade

📍 Buy online from their website.


So, this Easter, by supporting ethical and sustainable chocolate brands, you can enjoy the sweetness while still contributing to a more sustainable and equitable chocolate industry. Happy Easter!


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