Easter- themed Crafts

Easter- themed Crafts

For those of you celebrating, Easter is around the corner, next Sunday to be exact. (Side note* Is it just us or is this year flying by?!)


We’ve compiled some Easter-themed crafts that are easy enough for the kids to get involved. There are so many lovely crafts to make that even we got a bit sidetracked.

We tried, where possible to use recycled bits and pieces and of course some EcoPack goodies or items that one is likely to have at home, so without further delay, lets dive in.


*We can’t stress this enough, have all the craft supplies that you need at hand, kids get distracted easily and having to find something mid-craft is not ideal and even if you’re doing the crafts solo it’s just easier having prepped and ready to go.


EcoPack Bunny Spoon – Simple yet super effective!

(Great to use in the garden for an Easter Egg hunt)



  • EcoPack spoon
  • Marker
  • Fluffy ball or cotton wool
  • Googly eyes (can be drawn on too)
  • Paper for ears



– Turn the spoon over, roughly place where you want the bunny face.

– Draw or stick on the eyes and nose

– Use sticky tape to secure the bunny ears

– Draw on the mouth



Pegs – for – legs chick

The kids loved this one and actually made the bulk of it themselves.


– Yellow card (you need card for firmness)

– Two wooden pegs

– Googly eyes

– Orange tissue paper for beak



– Cut your card into a circle and make little snips towards the centre but not all the way. You can make the snips close together or further apart.

– Cut out a small triangle piece of tissue paper and stick in the centre

–  Stick on the eyes

– Attach the pegs to the bottom part of the chick. The chick should be able to stand on it’s own


EcoPack Coffee Cup Easter Egg holder / basket / table decoration

You can turn this into a bunny, a basket or pop it on the table and fill with treats OR personalize it as you wish.



  • EcoPack Coffee Cup
  • Scraps of tissue paper in various shades cut into square and rectangle shapes
  • Elastic band
  • Pipe cleaner



  • Lay the tissue paper on top of each other but each layer slightly off centre – to create a fan effect. Put the cup in the centre, on top of the tissue paper and scrunch upwards. Secure it with the elastic band.
  • Use tape to secure your pipe cleaner and bend into the shape of ears and voila!


2L Milk Bottle Easter Basket

We love the use of this common throwaway product.



  • 2l Milk bottle (don’t stress if it’s clear or white, both are effective)
  • Scraps of tissue paper, ribbon and other bits and bobs that you would like to use to decorate your Easter egg basket
  • Googly eyes
  • Permanent marker
  • Pipe cleaners



  • The hardest part is cutting out your basket shape. Obviously the cutting part is for adults only using scissors and/ or craft knife.
  • Cut the milk bottle in half-ish – make the basket as deep or as shallow as you like BUT you need to leave two of the sides attached and uncut as they will form the handle of your basket. As seen in the images. Secure the top of the handles with plenty of tape.
  • We decorated ours as a bunny but let your imagination go wild!
  • You can draw, colour, use various bits of paper and ribbon, weave etc.
  • Once you have your basket shape you can decorate as you wish, a fun project for the kids.


Our final collection of Easter-themed Crafts


We hope that these inspire you and the family to dig out the craft box and give a few or all of them a try!