Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019

Fun things to do this Earth Hour


We know, we know if you’re in South Africa we’ve just come out of rolling back-outs and in all likelihood you’re a bit tired of sitting in the dark BUT this time it’s for a cause, a good one.


This time it won’t just be us South Africans in the dark, Earth Hour is a global initiative to create awareness and to pledge your care and concern for OUR planet!


“From pushing for environmentally-friendly laws and policies to crowd funding for a better future, YOU make Earth Hour possible. Coordinated by WWF and other volunteer organisations, Earth Hour’s greatest strength is the power of people.”

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How to take part?

From 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Saturday 30thMarch (tomorrow) turn off all your lights for one hour.


What do we do?


Get out the candles (remember fire safety!), torches, headlamps etc. and

  • Invite your friends and family around for board games, a braai, catch up
  • Keep it low-key and simply enjoy the night sky in the privacy and quiet of your garden
  • Get a cup of tea (or wine), pop a headlamp on and read a book
  • Have a romantic dinner by candlelight


Feeling a bit more adventurous?

There sure are, you can find out if any are near you here:

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden will be hosting WWF Earth hour Adventure:

Participants will get to explore the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden ( CPT) and Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden ( JHB) by torchlight, while navigating their way to the hidden WWF check points dotted across a 5km course. The event is open to participants of all ages. Those wishing to take part in the orienteering-style ‘adventure dash’ will need to be equipped with headlamps and a keen sense of night-time navigation. Families are encouraged to bring blankets and a picnic basket to enjoy the evening.

Buy your tickets here:


Whatever you do, if you share on social media be sure to use the hash tag #ConnecttoEarth to create even more awareness around the event.

Let us know or share with us what you’ve got planned for this Earth Hour.

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