Earth Day, everyday

Earth Day, everyday

It’s pretty busy (or not at all) over the next few days this long Easter weekend in South Africa. A very happy and blessed Easter for those of you that celebrate.


On Monday 22 April is not Family Day observed it is also EARTH DAY 2019!



Earth Day is celebrated annually in over 193 countries worldwide and it is a day to promote environmental awareness and consciousness.


We sat and pondered what that translates to…

As far as we are aware, there are no major Earth Day events happening and so what can we do a grand small scale?


A grand small scale?

Yip, what small things can a lot of us do that will make a difference?

Compound actions people!


So, a list of 22 ways to celebrate Earth Day, everyday, was created!

  1. Re-useable coffee mug (and if not, EcoPack!)
  2. Take shorter showers (keep a bucket in the shower to catch what you can)
  3. Recycle
  4. Pick up rubbish
  5. Support local where possible
  6. Walk, cycle or carpool when and where you can
  7. Say no to plastic bags (start an EcoBrick)
  8. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth / lathering your hands
  9. Use both sides of the paper
  10. Buy pre – owned OR borrow instead of buying (when possible)
  11. Opt for digital correspondence from your bank, service providers etc.
  12. When buying gifts opt for experiences over gifts or donate to a worthy cause in their honour
  13. Rethink fast fashion
  14. Turn off electronics and lights when not in use
  15. Repurpose items
  16. Join a local initiative / volunteer
  17. Be aware of any environmental issues in your area
  18. Grow your own (if possible, even if it’s just a few herb plants)
  19. Scrap glitzy wrapping paper; let’s make brown paper fashionable again! For further inspiration see this post.
  20. Compost kitchen scraps
  21. Harvest rainwater (for washing floors/ watering the garden/ flushing loos)
  22. Keep on doing what you can, when you can


Once we got going more and more came to mind but we kept the list to 22 but please add more, let us know too!

We wish you a very happy Earth Day and please share to spread the word.

Think Earth, everyday.

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