DIY – A bin made from a sheet of newspaper!

DIY – A bin made from a sheet of newspaper!

We saw THIS awesome post at the beginning of the year by 1 Million Women and tried it out for ourselves one lunch hour. It worked liked a charm and has been sitting faithfully and functionally by my desk since mid-February!

Being newspaper it has of course started looking a bit worse for wear and we thought it was time for an upgrade.

We’ve linked and inserted the video below that we were inspired by as well as made our own photo step-by-step how-to.

We’ve been thrilled at how easy this was to make and how well and how long it has served as a bin!

Made from nothing else but a sheet of newspaper and a few slicks of glue-stick.

OF COURSE, you can’t thrown anything wet in it and you need to be diligent in emptying it due to weight but if you are a teeny tiny bit more careful you too can save our landfills from unnecessary plastic (either in the form of an actual plastic bin or plastic bin liners).

These are great for the office, kids rooms, the car and wherever else it may be handy for you and your family (for my family, that would be the lounge, for tissues…hello Heyfever season!🤧)


  • You can use any size newspaper, our first one was a fair amount larger than the second one and both turned out well.
  • If you want a slightly more sturdy bin perhaps try with some thin, repurposed card. (Maybe in a fun colour!)
  • All the folds are important!
  • Makes for a fun team-building exercise 🙂

We hope that you find this as handy as we have, PLEASE let us know if you make one, we want to know!

DIY Paper Bin Liner

Want to ditch your plastic bin liners? Stock up on these instead!

Posted by 1 Million Women on Sunday, 2 July 2017


Here’s our step by step photo’s for our paper bin: