Your Day Zero Survival Kit Checklist & Tips


Your Day Zero Survival Kit Checklist & Tips

It’s no secret that Day Zero is almost upon us.  As panic stricken Capetonians take to the stores to buy every last drop of water, start your preparation early to save yourself future hassles!

We have put together a printable checklist as well as provide some tips that can make life with limited water much easier:

Printable Day Zero Checklist - EcoPack - South Africa

Download PDF Checklist here.

Some great day zero tips:

-Make a Stay Soft & water solution to spray clothes and hang up to dry

-Clean counters with disposable wipes

-Wash yourself with wet wipes

-Throw toilet paper used for urinating in a lined bin instead of the toilet – add sawdust or bicarb to control odor

-Fill toilet cistern with water instead of straight into the toilet

-Use microfiber cloths rather than sponges as they become unsanitary faster

-Ladies can extend the life of their underwear by wearing panty liners

-Use store bought water for drinking only

-Use biodegradable & compostable disposable cups, plates & bowls where possible to save water

-If you have to wash dishes, wipe as clean as possible with paper towels first

-Buy food that requires no water during preparation

-Wear fabrics like cotton that breaths to avoid odors from developing due to sweat & bacteria

-Use a bicarb & coconut oil mixture as deodorant as it is more effective than traditional store bought deodorants

-Buying a Sputnik Pressure Washing Machine can be a life saver as it uses very little water and washes clothes effectively

We are all in this together, so being mindful of others and yourself is a must.  If you have a borehole or access to additional water, why not donate (within reason and where you can) to places like animal shelters and orphanages that may be having a hard time coping.

If you are looking for additional day zero tips, check out The City of Cape Town’s water saving guidelines and advice.

Are there any tips you have for Day Zero that was not mentioned above?  If so, we would love to hear about it, so feel free to leave a comment below!



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