#Choose Bamboo

#Choose Bamboo

Caring for the environment is so 2020, and making use of Bamboo Straws will surely help you stay on-trend. Made from one of the most sustainable plants in the world, they’re the prototype for sustainable living.

Here are three reasons why Bamboo Straws are the #1 plastic straw alternative:

1. They’re environmentally sustainable
Bamboo requires no fertilizers or pesticides and regenerate from their own roots, requiring no replanting. Made from 100% natural materials, the eco-friendly bamboo straw will safely biodegrade without harming the environment.

2. They’re reusable
With over 8.3 million plastic straws in our ocean, bamboo straws help to reduce the pollution found in our waters. They can be cleaned and reused, time and time again. In addition to being organic and chemical-free, bamboo straws are far less likely than single-use plastic straws to harbour harmful bacteria.


3. They’re good on the eye
Being natural is all the craze right now and bamboo straws complete the entire look. Pop a bamboo straw into your healthy smoothies to add a fun element with a natural edge.


Bamboo straws are a great reminder of how nature will always be the best resource for all our needs. For a more natural feel that won’t harm the environment, choose bamboo.


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