8 Harmful Food Additives You Should Be Avoiding

8 Harmful Food Additives You Should Be Avoiding

We all probably know by now that processed food is really bad for you!  Maybe even lethal in the long run.  But do you know the names of those pesky perpetrators and do you realize they may be hiding in processed foods labeled as “healthy”?  Just because something is displayed in the “health isle”, does not automatically guarantee that it is free from these chemicals.

Banning harmful chemicals in food is not exactly on South Africa’s list of priorities.  Just to give you an example, BHA, a food preservative linked to the development of tumors and cancer and banned by many European countries, the UK and Japan, is legal in South Africa.  BHA is found in cereal, baked goods, some meats, butter, beer and the list goes on.

As some very harmful chemicals are still found in our processed foods, the best thing you can do is to arm yourself with knowledge.  Here are 8 chemicals in food you absolutely have to avoid:


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When in doubt in the grocery store, remember if you can’t pronounce it, you probably should not eat it!




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