5 Tips for hosting an eco-friendly Easter lunch

5 Tips for hosting an eco-friendly Easter lunch

COVID-19 threw quite a wrench into our plans for 2020 and Easter seems to be no exception. This is normally a time for family and friends to reconnect and gives us an opportunity to get back to basics. At the rate of the current #21daylockdownza status, Easter will have to be scaled down this year and limited to cohabitators within our households.

This does not mean that our plans for Easter should be thrown out altogether. We may still enjoy our time in a more simplistic manner, appreciating the things that really count. Caring for our environment is definitely one of the ‘things’ that we should hold in high regard and what a great time to do this. Opting for an eco-friendly theme has inspired us with awesome table setting ideas for a less wasteful Easter celebration.

Could you think of any more seamless way to weave eco-friendly, reusable, and readily available natural materials into your holiday table? Well, hosting an eco-friendly Easter lunch is the best excuse to do so. Here we have five practical tips of achieving this in a simple and fuss-free way:


1. Use re-usable, compostable & biodegradable tableware
Everyone enjoys the great socialisation that comes with having meals with your loved ones. But by the time the festivities are over and it’s time to do the dishes, we may end up questioning the fun we may have had, hahaha! Disposable, single-use tableware that does not harm the environment screams eco-friendly. You may even decide to use re-usable tableware that does not give off the plastic “look”, such as bamboo plates or cutlery. Re-usable jars with paper, bamboo or metal straws are also a good investment to make and will complete the aesthetic you’re going for.

There are many options to choose from, you may even choose to mix & match. This simple table setting example shows how beautiful and rustic your table setting can look, without harming the environment or hurting your poor feet standing at the kitchen sink.




2. Incorporate meat-free dishes into your menu
Hosting your own eco-friendly Easter lunch is the best opportunity you may have to show off your amazing environmentally friendly meals to your loved ones. Many people who are not green-minded scoff off the idea of eating for the environment to be only vegan or vegetarian meals. It is still possible to do so and to cater for meat-eaters and green-eaters alike. Incorporate a variety of dishes in your menu so that everyone can enjoy whatever it is that makes their belly smile. Add fish to your menu, bean-based dishes as well as some veggie bakes (because there is nothing that cheese can’t fix). And to promote clean eating, find some of the best vegan meals to try and convince a few of your loved ones that it’s still delicious to eat green.

Fish Dish
Delicious Vegan Meal
Veggie bake for everyone

Grilled fish is a great crowd pleaser & the best ‘carnivorous’ alternative to meat.
Risotto will not only impress your vegan kin, but the entire group too.
With cheese or not, this dish will definitely keep everyone munching happily.



3. Make your own napkins and placemats
Cloth napkins and placemats are always a good way to go. Step it up a bit and re-use old scraps of clothing to upcycle them into beautiful eco-conscious additions to your table. This could make for an awesome boredom-buster during this time of quarantine. The little ones would love to get involved in preparing for their home’s Easter celebration. Paired with bamboo plates will turn the whole table into a rustic, green table. Get crafty and play around with a few ideas, and your guests will be impressed by your resourcefulness and ingenuity.



4. Use nature to create a centrepiece
Succulents make for a cool centrepiece. The small plants in pretty pots add an organic vibe and a pop of green to your eco-themed table. We also have another blog to pep up your centrepieces by making your own Twine-Wrapped Tin Cans. You’re not limited to just using succulents, use your favourite flowers and make it your own. Aren’t these centrepieces just beautiful?



5. Eco-friendly party favours
Parting gifts with cutesy trinkets may seem like a nice way to send off your guests, but why not leave your guests with a way to bring greener and sustainable living into their own homes? Party favours that are locally sourced will promote eco-vibes amongst your guests. Miniature potted succulents or herbs for your guests to plant in their own gardens are a great way to share your eco-friendly. We also love our stainless-steel straws that are rainbow coloured and totally on-trend. The cute cotton drawstring bags add an earthy touch to your offering. These will be sure to keep you in their good books for a long time to come.


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Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resources. By altering your consumption and diet habits, you can contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint on the earth. What better way to share your new lifestyle with friends and family than to host an eco-friendly dinner party. You can be the ultimate host the and the healthiest thing you will serve won’t even be on a plate!