5 Great Air- Purifying Plants

5 Great Air- Purifying Plants

Keep the air in your house (and garden) fresh, clean and pure, naturally!

We’ve found some plants that are not only beautiful but beneficial too.

There is a huge market for air fresheners and purifiers but why not green up your home with these beauties that do the hard work for you!

There are many toxic ingredients or by- products in products that are regularly used in the home so this is an ideal way to combat this!

Let’s take a closer look at some of these air- purifying plants!

Spekboom(Portulacaria afra)










Spekboom improves the quality of air by acting as a carbon sponge, absorbing it and turning it into plant matter. Easy peasy to grow or propagate and such low- maintenance. A must in any home or garden.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)









*This plant may be pretty but it is toxic and must be kept away from kids and pets, especially cats!

A beautifully ornamental plant, ideal for bathrooms or where the washing machine is kept and it works hard at removing mold spores from the air as well as ammonia and more.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)












A fabulously easy plant to look after and in turn it does a great job of clearing formaldehyde and benzene, which can be ingredients in chemical-based cleaners and the like.

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastic)












Rubber plants are tough cookies and work hard at and are good at removing toxins from the home, especially formaldehyde but carbon monoxide and others too.

Spider Plant, Hen-en-Kuikens (Chlorophytum comosum)














Keep it in the kitchen!

They nab carbon monoxide making the kitchen a great place for this natural-light-loving plant.

There are plenty other houseplants that keep the quality of air in your house good. Not only that but having houseplants is known to ease tension and create a more relaxed and happy atmosphere so it’s definitely worth adding a few lush plants to your decor.