5 Edible Food Packaging Products You Should Know About

5 Edible Food Packaging Products You Should Know About

At first introduction, the concept of edible food packaging may stir up all kinds of questions and reactions.  Isn’t the point of food packaging to create a barrier?  To keep food from becoming dirty and unhygienic?

If we really think about it, we have been consuming “edible food containers” for a very long time.  Think about fruits and veggies.  Many of us eat them with the skin intact.  And what about ice-cream cones?

But even if you don’t consume edible packaging, it will still disappear into the environment as it’s made to be biodegradable and compostable, and in some cases, even dissolvable.

Love it or hate it, here are 5 interesting edible food packaging products:


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An Indonesian company, Evoware, is leading the way in creating sustainable, edible packaging made from seaweed.  Their range of products include burger & sandwich wraps, dissolvable coffee sachets and even soap packaging.  The seaweed packaging will dissolve in warm water and is 100% biodegradable.  It also acts as fertilizer for plants, and is printable and heat sealable.

2.Edible Cutlery

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Made from a mixture of sorghum, rice and wheat, Bakey’s edible cutlery is a wonderful (and delicious) alternative to plastic, disposable cutlery.  You can order them in either plain, sweet or savory and they are vegan and vegetarian friendly to boot.

3.Ooho Edible Water

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Skipping Rocks Lab, an innovative startup based in London, have created a waste-free alternative to plastic bottles.  The edible, spherical packaging is 100% natural and made from plants and seaweed.  If not consumed, the packaging biodegrades within 4 – 6 weeks.  It can be flavored, colored and as a bonus, is cheaper than plastic!

4.Loliware Edible Cups

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Especially fun for parties, Loliware’s biodegradable and edible cups are available in a range of interesting flavors and gluten- and gelatin-free.  The cups are made from seaweed, organic sweeteners and colors derived from fruits and vegetables.


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Scientists have developed a packaging film made from the milk protein casein.  The casein film is a highly effective alternative to traditional, plastic film wrapping.  Not only is the film edible, it’s also degradable, and much better at preventing food spoilage than plastic (around 500 times better!).




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