2018’s Hottest Coffee Trends

Hottest Coffee Trends

2018’s Hottest Coffee Trends

With the coffee industry constantly evolving, no one has to be satisfied with just an average cup of Joe!

While the favorites, Americano, Cappuccino and Latte’s will probably remain the popular choice, it’s always exciting to try a new coffee trend.

According to lovecoffee.com, webstaurantstore.com and drinkpreneur.com, these are the coffee trends to watch for in 2018:


Invented in the 1940’s, it’s fascinating that this style of filter coffee is making a comeback.  The process is similar to that of drip coffee, but Chemex coffee filters are around 30% thicker than standard coffee filters.  This makes the coffee brew slower, resulting in a richer taste.  If you want to try it for yourself, you can buy the Chemex coffee maker from Yuppiechef.

EcoPack - South Africa - Sustainable Packaging

The Chemex coffee maker

Nitro Coffee

This trend has been gaining popularity for some time now, but is said to be one of 2018’s hottest (in this case, coldest) coffee trends.  Nitro coffee is cold brewed and infused with nitrogen which affects the taste and texture.  Nitro coffee is usually stored in a keg and poured from a tap leaving the top wonderfully foamy when poured.  If you want to taste this trend, Nitro House on Bree Street in Cape Town has got you covered!

Hop on over to Nitro House on Bree street for some cold brew. Image credit: Nitro House Facebook page

Mushroom Coffee

A few weeks ago, our blog featured the top food trends for 2018, and mushrooms were on that list.  It seems like mushrooms have broken into the coffee industry with mushroom coffee (what!?) being a trend to watch for in 2018.  If taste is a concern, the good news is that it apparently tastes nothing like mushrooms at all and some describe it as earthy and tea-like.  Whatever it tastes like to you, this trend has probably got more to do with health-benefits than flavor!

Mushroom coffee costs around R299 and can be bought online from essentials.co.za

Café au Lait Bowls

This one’s all about presentation and trendiness.  How do you spice up your usual milky cup of coffee?  By simply drinking it out of a beautiful bowl of course!  Yes, I am scratching my head too.  Apparently it’s gaining popularity amongst the younger crowd thanks to Instagram.  Café au Lait is French for “coffee with milk” and is basically just coffee with hot milk added to it.

Drink your coffee from a bowl like the French. Image credit: travelglutons.com

Coffee in a cone

Enjoying your coffee in a sugar cone started trending in 2017 already, with The Grind Coffee Company leading the way in South Africa.  As the hashtag (#coffeeinacone) has been used over a million times already, this trend is gaining popularity quickly and will probably continue to grow in 2018.  Want to try it out?  Try I Love Coffee in Claremont, Love Cake Café in Tygerberg or Cup & Cake in Blouberg.  If you are in Durban, Circus Beach Café can hook you up!

Posts like these are all over Instagram


Have you spotted some weird and wonderful coffee trends or drink lately?  We would love to hear about it so feel free to leave a comment below!

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