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A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Vietnamese egg coffee and it has become my new favorite thing!  I know what you’re thinking.  Coffee and egg?  Really?  But let me tell you, once you have tried this recipe, you

Most of us probably have a couple of plastic grocery bags lying around at home somewhere. You know, from those days you totally forgot your eco-friendly, re-usable shopping bags at home.  Instead of tossing them in the trash, why not

With fast fashion’s focus on cheap and trendy cat walk-inspired clothing, the fashion industry has acquired a reputation for being unsustainable and wasteful.  Did you know that almost 60% of all clothing manufactured is disposed of within a year of

Spring is the perfect time to head out to your favorite spot for a picnic!  To make things easier, we often opt for disposable cutlery, cups and plates making the outing less eco-friendly. No worries, we are here to help you

With plastic straws being systematically banned across the globe, it’s been very interesting to see the various alternatives emerging on the market. From re-usable glass, stainless steel and bamboo straws, to paper, seaweed and now, pasta straws! On the forefront of this

Spring is in the air and we are celebrating by offering you some great Spring Specials. Whether you want a plastic-free picnic or an eco-friendly smoothie, we’ve got what you need. Spring Picnic Combo – 10% Off 50 x PLA Compostable Forks 50 x

With National Arbor week kicking off on 1 September, we are once again reminded how crucial trees are to our health and existence. Sure, we all know that they supply oxygen and provide shade, but the benefits of planting trees extend

At first introduction, the concept of edible food packaging may stir up all kinds of questions and reactions.  Isn’t the point of food packaging to create a barrier?  To keep food from becoming dirty and unhygienic? If we really think about

“Biodegradable” and “Compostable” are terms often used when referring to sustainable packaging and there seems to be confusion as to what exactly the difference is, or, if there's any difference at all! The confusion sets in when these terms are used