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The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) annually ranks countries according to their efforts to be sustainable.  Although the position and rank of various countries differ from year to year, there are a few who always stay at the top of the

While there’s probably no getting around single-use packaging any time soon, the materials used to manufacture these items can make all the difference in the world. Styrofoam and plastic remain the cheapest and most readily available packaging materials, but there are

I bet the last time you ordered seafood at your favorite restaurant “plastic” was not in the dish description. Turns out it should be. Currently, there’s more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the milky way, according to 

Once upon a time, plastic was the strong, cheap and durable “wonder” material that would change the world.  And change the world it did.  Unfortunately, nobody foresaw just how detrimental this material would ultimately be to the environment. The famous naturalist,

We all know that waste is a big problem worldwide, but things become very real when it starts hitting home. The provincial Environmental Affairs Department has recently warned that many landfill sites across the Western Cape are starting to reach full

PLA has become the popular alternative to everyday packaging items like clear cups and containers – and for good reasons! Producing PLA uses 68% less energy, it’s biodegradable and compostable and it’s made from renewable plant starches such as corn, beets

We all probably know by now that processed food is really bad for you!  Maybe even lethal in the long run.  But do you know the names of those pesky perpetrators and do you realize they may be hiding in

Straws have been a hot topic in recent months.  As more and more people become aware of the devastating consequences that plastic straws have on the environment, especially marine life, there’s been a global call to ban plastic straws altogether. As

It’s no secret that Day Zero is almost upon us.  As panic stricken Capetonians take to the stores to buy every last drop of water, start your preparation early to save yourself future hassles! We have put together a printable checklist