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“Biodegradable” and “Compostable” are terms often used when referring to sustainable packaging and there seems to be confusion as to what exactly the difference is, or, if there's any difference at all! The confusion sets in when these terms are used

Few things smell and taste as amazing as coffee does.  The sheer comfort of wrapping your hands around a hot mug, that first gloriously delicious sip and the instant mood and energy boost are all reasons why we love coffee

When Pick N Pay introduced their new compostable shopping bags on the 3rd of July this year, Social Media exploded with praise for the retail giant.  Even here at EcoPack, requests for bags like this started pouring in.  And it’s

Plastic Free July is almost over, but the war on plastic most certainly is not! With almost everything wrapped in plastic these days, grocery shopping can become tricky business when you are trying to be more sustainable.  In fact, it’s probably

Most businesses probably have a desire to be environmentally responsible.  With the global shift towards sustainability and the devastation caused by waste clearly visible, who wouldn’t want to go green? Many countries and cities around the world have started placing bans

It’s plastic free July and at the EcoPack office the challenge is on! It's sobering to realize just how much we rely on single-use plastic in our everyday lives.  It's hard to avoid! If you need some motivation, here are some interesting,

Many of us have probably at some point dreamt of living completely independent of the “system”.  Power outages, rising utility bills and the rapid pace of life can leave you yearning for a simple, affordable and unchained existence. In the past,

It’s that time of the year again.  The days are short, getting out of bed sucks and the endless pit called your stomach, is demanding a constant supply of refined carbs & caffeine.  Oh, and if you live in South

This month, we celebrated World Oceans Day.  As the theme for this year is “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean”, we thought we would shed some light on the decomposition rates of various well know products