We supply sustainable packaging made from plants, not oil. Compostable. Biodegradable. Sustainable.

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Product Materials

Our 100% biodegradable & compostable products are manufactured from sugar cane, plant starches and paper board sourced from managed plantations. Our packaging is a more sustainable option than traditional oil-based packaging made from non-renewable resources.

Your brand in their hands

Your Brand in their Hands

Ideal for an established business or a large ad campaign, EcoPack’s custom cups/bowls offer a great quality print on a superior quality cup. Check out our custom branding options here. Whatever your branding needs, we have an option for you.


Orders & Deliveries

We deliver everywhere in South Africa.  Check out our shipping costs & delivery regions here.

All of our products are manufactured from naturally occurring and renewable plant-based resources.
All of our products are made from renewable resources, not finite oil reserves.
Our paper products – EcoCups and EcoBowls – are made from board sourced from managed plantations that do not contribute to deforestation.
Our products are biodegradable and compostable, creating a closed loop, and ensuring the earth’s mineral cycle continues.
Our products are certified commercially compostable, but our bagasse range will break down in your home compost heap.
When custom branding, our printing uses either water-based or soy-based inks. Both are free from heavy metals.

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